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Crystal ball feng shui effect
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Crystal ball feng shui effect

Source:Foshan Haoye   Classification:Industry Information  Release:2017-8-12 14:15:12

  From a long time ago, people have always believed that pure crystal is a very energy of a kind of goods, can give people hope and a lot of energy and people mind more pure and quiet. Now a lot of time in society, we are in the construction of housing and some other things will still feng shui. Today we went to say that the crystal ball in the feng shui on how the role and explanation.
  Crystal ball, crystal clusters of feng shui role:
  ◆ home safe and secure flow: hanging in the four corner of the house crystal ball or put white crystal clusters (obsidian, larger white crystal column), can form a protective gas home, not only evil spirits, but also help the air and wealth Smooth.
  ◆ improve the feng shui of the evil and more wealth: the home put amethyst cave can not only red solution evil, but also can be a blessing gas, poly wealth.
  ◆ town house evil spirits and hair: the company line number or home of the financial position put a white crystal cluster, can be the town house evil spirits evil, but also gas to flourish.
  ◆ students to stimulate the smart calm mood: the students in the desk or bed to put amethyst, can develop intelligence, improve the intuition; also relieve the pressure caused by reading the eyes.
  ◆ reduce the radiation: in the TV, computer, microwave oven next to the white crystal cluster can reduce the radiation.
  ◆ door road red, on the corner, on the trunk, the poles: the door road red, the corner of the house, the trunk, the poles can be hanging at the door crystal ball or put a larger crystal cluster, crystal column,
  ◆ toilet door to the door: hanging in the toilet door crystal ball to resolve the dirty gas.
  ◆ beam press: the house under the beam can be used white crystal clusters or larger crystal column, to resolve the impact of the beam press.
  ◆ business is booming friends: in the business corner of the four corners of the release of malachite has helped to attract guests to the door, in the counter, the window put pink crystal or amethyst can increase popularity and business edge.
  Crystal ball in the feng shui industry has always been a very interesting and very practical kind of items, has a very good symbolic meaning. So in the home design using crystal material items for decoration and design is a very good way. Now a lot of people in the home design of the time in order to have a better meaning, will choose to use some crystal material products. Such as crystal staircase, crystal general column, crystal column and so on. Better to ensure feng shui.

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