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Crystal handrail size is generally about how much
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Crystal handrail size is generally about how much

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  Although many high-rise residential buildings are now more use of the elevator, but the stairs in life or a lot of see, as a climbing tool, the safety requirements of the stairs is certainly not low, in order to use the time to keep the body Balance, especially the home of the elderly children will install the crystal handrails.
  First, the staircase crystal armrest size
  Stair handrail (Stair handrail) is the staircase guard bar.
  1, the height of the staircase crystal armrest (from the front edge line) should not be less than 0.90m; outdoor staircase handrail height should not be less than 1.05m.
  2, the width of the stairwell is greater than 0.20m, the handrail of the vertical bar clearance should not be greater than 0.11m, to prevent children fall.
  3, the net width of the staircase platform should not be less than the width of the ladder, while not less than 1.10m.
  4, ladder width in the residential design norms are clearly defined in other buildings, must meet the requirements of fire evacuation. The dimensions of the performance staircase in a public building are usually too large, but pay attention to the relationship between the setting of the handrail and the width of the ladder. That is: the stairs should be at least one side of the handrail, ladder width of three shares of the flow of people should be on both sides of the handrail, up to four flow, should be added middle armrest.
  Staircase handrail height standard
  Balcony, verandah, interior corridor, inner patio, rooftop roof and outdoor stairs and other temporary space should be set up protective stairs, and should meet the following requirements:
  1, stairs should be strong, durable materials, and can withstand the load specifications of the horizontal load;
  2, the height of the space below 24m, the staircase height should not be less than 1.05m, temporary height of 24m and 24m (including high-rise residential), the staircase height should not be less than 1.10m;
  3, the stairs from the floor or roof 0.10m height should not be left blank;
  4, residential, nursery, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and children''s activities for the activities of the stairs must be used to prevent children climbing the structure, when the use of vertical bar to do stairs, the pole spacing should not be greater than 0.11m;
  5, cultural and entertainment buildings, commercial services, construction, sports architecture, landscape architecture, etc. to allow children to enter the activities of the place, when the use of vertical bar to do stairs, the rod clearance should not be greater than 0.11m.
  ??????Crystal handrails in addition to solid wood handrails, all kinds of metal handrails, etc., if you want a restrained natural home improvement style, then you can choose solid wood handrails, and want to luxury European style of home improvement, then crystal armrest is undoubtedly the best choice The

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