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Acrylic and Crystal
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Acrylic and Crystal

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  Acrylic (ACRYLIC), also known as PMMA or acrylic, sub-force. Chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. From English Organic Glass (plexiglass). Acrylic is an important early development of thermoplastics. Acrylic has a good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy processing, beautiful appearance, in the construction industry, furniture products, sanitary ware has a wide range of applications. Plexiglass products can usually be divided into casting plates, extruded rods and molding compounds. Features 1, with a crystal-like transparency, light transmission rate of 92% or more, soft light, clear vision, with the dye color of acrylic and have a good color effect. 2, the acrylic plate has excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and better high temperature performance. 3, the acrylic board has a good processing performance, both can be used thermoforming, can also be used to process the way. 4, transparent acrylic bar with glass can be compared to the light transmittance, but the density of only half of the glass. In addition, it is not as fragile as the glass, even if the damage does not like the glass as the formation of sharp debris. 5, the wear resistance of acrylic rods close to the aluminum, good stability, resistance to a variety of chemical corrosion. 6, the acrylic bar has a good printability and spray coating, the use of appropriate printing and spraying process, you can give acrylic products ideal surface decoration effect. 7, Flammability: non-spontaneous combustion but is flammable, do not have self-extinguishing. Crystal is a colorless transparent quartz crystal minerals, when the crystal is perfect crystal crystal, with ordinary sand can be considered "with the womb." Crystalline crystal crystal crystal is a hexagonal system, often hexagonal prism, the column is a sharp or two sharp, a number of long columns connected in a piece, known as the crystal family, beautiful and spectacular. But now the general crystal is synthetic crystal. Synthetic crystal is a kind of artificial gem. It is the use of hydrothermal method, in the autoclave a certain physical and chemical conditions under the growth of the crystal. According to the gem of the naming requirements, artificial gemstones without natural counterparts, such as strontium titanate nature does not have its counterpart, named "artificial strontium titanate"; artificial gemstones if the natural counterparts, such as hydrothermal growth of silica Crystal, in the nature of its counterparts natural crystal, named "synthetic crystal", and can not be called "artificial crystal", can not be called "aquaculture crystal", "smelting crystal", more can not be called "pure crystal" The Because these are neither scientific nor normative fictional names prone to ambiguity and misleading. Synthetic crystal and natural crystal physical and chemical properties are basically the same, it can not be said to synthetic crystal "fake". Features 1, hardness: for the Mo''s 7, the equivalent of steel files are generally hard, which makes crisp and fragile topaz, diamonds, opal, emerald and the like dwarfs. 2, cleavage: no The so-called cleavage refers to the nature of the smooth plane when the mineral is blown, often in a certain direction. According to the degree of cleavage can be divided into five categories: very complete cleavage, complete cleavage, moderate cleavage, incomplete cleavage and no cleavage, crystal is no cleavage. 3, fracture: shell-like. Fracture is also called a break. It refers to the mineral was hit only after the occurrence of irregular rupture, rupture surface rugged called fracture. According to the shape of the fracture can be divided into: shell and jagged. 4, the proportion of: the proportion of crystal 2.56-2.66 g / cubic centimeter. The weight of the same volume of crystal is 2.56-2.66 times the weight of the same volume of water, and the crystal density of the massive variant may be slightly higher. 5, streaks: colorless. Mineral powder color is called streak. It can eliminate false color, weaken his color, keep color, is more than the color of the mineral more reliable identification of one of the characteristics. 6, transparency: transparent, translucent. The degree of light transmission is called transparency. Crystal transparent standard: light through the thickness of more than 1 cm crystal fragments or sheets, you can clearly see the reflected image. If the bottom is not clear enough, only see the outline, that is translucent. 7, gloss: glass luster. Gloss refers to the ability of the mineral surface to reflect light. Observe the shiny of the crystal, you can hold it with a hand, to light or window projection of the light to see the surface reflection, transparent crystal brightness and gloss intensity. 8, the refractive index: crystal refractive index of 1.544-1.553, almost not out of this range. Refractive index refers to the light from the air into the precious stones crystal, and produce a refraction phenomenon, the angle of incidence sinusoidal and refraction angle of the ratio of sine. 9, the crystal melting point: crystal melting point of 1713 degrees Celsius. In general, acrylic and crystal have their own characteristics, the most important thing is to choose according to the needs of customers all kinds of raw materials to do the product.

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