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welcome to customize color acrylic rod
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welcome to customize color acrylic rod

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20 sets of injection molding machine                                                    

8 automatic extrusion production line

10 CNC machine

 acrylic stair factory


Acrylic is also commonly known as “Plexiglass" "PMMA”.


Colored Acrylic Rods feature clarity, resistance to heat distortion,

and tensile strength that enable their use in place of extruded or molded acrylic.

Unaffected by sunlight or fluorescent lights, impact-resistant rods resist aging and maintain stability under range of conditions.

and rods can be cut to specific sizes. Custom colors can also be accommodated.


Our Company announces a new product line of Colored Acrylic Rods. acrylic rods colors are available and

can be cut to specific sizes. We can also run custom colors. Send us a sample for a color acrylic rods match.

Acrylic Rod is used in many applications in place of extruded or molded .like home baluster, home decoration.

Acrylic because of better machining properties, greater clarity, better resistance to heat distortion and higher tensile strength.  

Acrylic materials weigh half as much as glass and have up to seventeen times greater impact resistance than glass.


hoyip is engaged in acrylic products processing for 12 years, we adopt high quality acrylic board,

use the advanced machines combined with exquisite craft to make acrylic display props and products for clients.  

Welcome to our company to customize all kinds of acrylic products.

acrylic stair factory


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