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Crystal lamp industry prospects
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Crystal lamp industry prospects

Source:Foshan Haoye   Classification:Industry Information  Release:2017-8-12 14:00:44

  In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people''s living standards, the upgrading of the service industry, star hotels throughout the country, luxury hotels, high-end residential mushroomed, crystal lamp market has brought great business opportunities, crystal lamp manufacturers As well as the business of crystal lamp business has doubled. However, after the introduction of the national macroeconomic control policies over the past two years, many of the planned real estate projects and abortions, coupled with simple and generous commercial lighting products have gradually replaced the luxury crystal lamps, hotels, hotels and major shopping malls lighting new favorite, Crystal light market situation seems to become more and more severe. Compared with previous years, the total demand for crystal lamp market is increasing, but the profits fell a lot. At present, business cooperation with manufacturers are mainly to the distribution, agency system is rare. Engineering customers usually commissioned bidding centers or designated decorating companies to purchase, because these units are more knowledgeable. There are some customers come to their own orders, go out to order the business is still very little.
  In the current crystal lighting industry, a reference to the "crystal lamp" the word, the consumer''s consciousness will immediately emerge a huge resplendent crystal chandelier. Indeed, the traditional crystal lamp has been occupied by the vast number of consumers on the "crystal lamp" understanding. This is related to the history of the development of crystal lamps. Traditional crystal lamp from its production to the application, to the present has three or four hundred years of history, the first crystal lamp produced in France, and then spread to the whole world. Development has been divided into two major styles: one for the hotel project or villa crystal chandeliers, two for the recent years out of the new, such as crystal low-voltage lights, crystal candlestick and other practical home for the simple lantern. In the past few hundred years in the crystal lamp in its gorgeous bright, luxury high-end, product sales have been stable. Can not deny that the traditional crystal lamp has been the mainstream of the crystal lamp market. But the crystal lamp development so far, which also has a lot of problems: 1. Mid-low full of the market, the brand mixed. Product style concept is vague, the use of small pendant shoddy, crystal material vitrification, there are fake and shoddy suspects, high-grade crystal lamp brand scarcity; 2. style style innovation is slow, similar to each other plagiarism, a few different lights, Rough, modeling mediocre; 3. market price confusion, backward technology and price does not match. In the lighting pendant, due to the quality of domestic pendant and imported crystal difference, so the domestic crystal lamp only in the price advantage, only by price into the international market, otherwise there is the risk of imported crystal lamp back bite.
  Cottage rampage underground factory to disrupt the market
  Although the crystal lamp into China''s time is not long, but by virtue of its noble and elegant characteristics and widely favored by consumers. In recent years, with the rapid development of China''s economy and people''s constant pursuit of quality of life, crystal lamps in addition to some high-level entertainment and star hotels and other engineering applications, but also by more and more families sought after, villa mansion, Home furnishings also began to frequent crystal lamp figure, so that the crystal lights become the darling of the market. After 2005, many non-crystal lamp companies have joined the sequence of production of crystal lamps. Following the lighting industry in 2007 as "crystal lamp" since the crystal lamp investment boom again. It is understood that in recent years the new crystal lamp product line of enterprises are almost all concentrated in the town, which has always been like the town to follow suit, imitation of the habit. What is the prospect of crystal lighting? It is understood that the real problem is really troubled by the crystal lamp business is "underground factory" with low-quality low-cost products hit the market caused by market confusion. Industry sources, the current consumer awareness of the crystal lamp is not high, the underground three factories without glass instead of crystal, with poor quality plating accessories to make crystal lamps to deceive consumers. This product and the appearance of high-quality crystal lamp is almost the same, only after a period of time the problem will be apparent, these low-quality low-priced products for the crystal lamp market orderly development caused a great impact. Industry experts believe that although the underground factory has a certain impact on the market, but as long as the enterprise adhere to quality, quality assurance, with the market continues to regulate and consumer awareness of the crystal lamp to improve the crystal lamp industry will take health The road to development.

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