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Crystal staircase manufacturers tell you the feng shui of crystal stairs
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Crystal staircase manufacturers tell you the feng shui of crystal stairs

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  Now more and more high-rise buildings, in such a building, we not only have to see its living room, kitchen, bedroom, restaurant and other places, have to look at its staircase design, because in China''s feng shui, staircase Feng Shui is also one of the important factors affecting the value of housing. Not the same staircase shape, staircase material, construction methods, location, lighting and so have a different stress, if the construction is not good, and even affect the owner of the fortune. What is the feng shui taboo? Follow the crystal staircase manufacturers to see it together.
  The staircase itself is a section of the section, if the "gas" a door to first meet the stairs, then the first sidewalk of a section of the tangent line, or all of a sudden "gas" all cut off, or make "gas" can not be smooth, Disturb the gas field. Gas field chaos, the room in the big environment naturally better than where to go. This shows that the door to see the stairs, upstairs downstairs may not see how convenient, it touches on the owner of the house health unknowingly affected by the adverse effects.
  First of all, in the stairs placed in particular to pay attention to the location, if the stairs set in the middle of the house, it is "overwhelming", the stairs used to leave, people up and down, so that this place noisy, not only a waste of " "This precious area, and with a" trampling "disrespectful, naturally will not bring good luck to the owner of the house. So the design of the stairs, the good designers will try to do not let the stairs facing the door, you can take the main ways there are three:
  One is facing the door of the stairs to turn a direction, such as the shape of the crystal staircase designed to arc, making the ladder reverse direction, back to the door;
  The second is to hide the stairs, it is best to hide behind the wall, with two walls of the stairs caught, so not only did not "cut off the gas field" worries, and doubled the owner up and down the stairs when the sense of security, as the stairs Space, can be designed as a storage room or toilet;
  Third, with the screen between the door and the stairs placed a shield, so that "gas" can go into the house through the screen. In addition to the door should not be outside, in the home feng shui, another taboo on the stairs is set in the center of the house. Because the center of the house is called "eye", is the "gas" of the condensate point. Generally believed that here is the soul of the house, is the most expensive place. "Cave" This traditional argument, precipitation so far, into a medium, centered, impartial and other Chinese aesthetic habits.
  Finally, the design of the stairs have to be unified with the overall home improvement, can not be overwhelming, this will make people living or the guests feel discomfort, the above is the crystal staircase manufacturers prepared for your staircase built feng shui taboo knowledge, hope you can have help.

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