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Staircase material, I choose crystal
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Staircase material, I choose crystal

Source:Foshan Haoye   Classification:Industry Information  Release:2017-8-12 14:20:57

  Buy the villa people, certainly want to install the luxury of comparison, there is the floor area can be relatively large decoration of the more distinctive, the finishing touch of the role, choose crystal staircase is a wise choice.
  Crystal staircase handrail features
  1, the impact of visual effects. Texture clear, modeling chic, noble quality, elegant. The appearance is completely like a natural general effect.
  2, the surface has a good self-cleaning. Because the surface of the product is smooth and dense, so the surface is not easy to attach dust, compared with the ordinary texture of the stone railings, a good self-cleaning performance,
  3, no maintenance. Compared with the metal railings, make up the paint stripping, rust, need to paint the maintenance of the next year''s shortcomings.
  4, product variety, modeling changeable. Products using manual or mechanical molding process, the production cycle is short, and according to the user to sample processing design, production of specific size special handrail.
  5, the installation method is reasonable, the use of seamless connection process, good security. Humanized design makes the installation method more scientific, stable, strong and durable.
  6, the use of polymer materials, it has a strong resistance to pollution, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, compared with natural stone, non-toxic radiation and other substances, is a new type of environmentally friendly products.
  Compared to other materials of the stairs, crystal staircase is undoubtedly the economic consumer layer of high population of choice, decorated very well, with the light with the more glorious and beautiful, bring you is a sense of extravagance.

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