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Crystal staircase handrail, railing features
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Crystal staircase handrail, railing features

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  1, with a strong resistance to pollution, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, no radioactivity, is environmentally friendly products.
  2, with good self-cleaning performance. Due to the smooth surface of the product, so the surface is not easy to dust pollution, and white cement railings and thick stone railings compared to a good self-cleaning performance, rain wash, self-cleaning as new.
  3, no maintenance easy maintenance. If there is a slight scratch, with water frosted paper stained with toothpaste can be removed. Products make up for the iron (wood) railings stripping, rust, need to paint the maintenance of the next year''s shortcomings.
  4, the appearance of beautiful appearance. Product pattern clear and smooth, rich and varied colors, exquisite shape, smooth surface jade, its appearance with the effect of natural jade gems, noble quality, elegant.
  5, product variety, modeling changeable. Products using three-dimensional molding process, according to the user sample processing, design, production of specific size for the handrails. Regardless of the designer, what kind of handrails such as: straight, curved, spiral can be produced.
  6, easy installation, the use of seamless connection process, good security, reasonable design, modular installation, construction is simple and quick.
  7, all products can be processed according to individual needs of the production of the product color more richer and more beautiful and practical

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